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Everyone knows Rogue got her powers by STEALING Ms Marvel's ones! This is unacceptable! UNACCEPTABLE!!! Just kidding, fantastic as usua...

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Eris Manor, a place where your innermost desires come true... but is it a blessing or a curse?

My comics feature adult content and various fetishes. If you enjoyed them, please support me on Patreon! I accept commissions.


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If you don't want to use patreon but still wish to support my work, points will be used to purchase a premium account, speed up the uploading process and set up polls for the next comics. Alternatively, you can also support me directly with paypal:

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    Donated Jun 1, 2016, 2:36:58 AM
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I've been a huge fan of webcomics since they're an endless geyser of creativity. Here's a list of my favorite ones, and how you can support them:

- Spinnerette

I've been a day 1 fan of :iconkrazykrow:'s webcomic, because it's a funny and deviant take on superhero tropes! You can support them on Patreon.

- Critical miss

A long running and devastatingly funny comic about the game industry, sadly being gradually abandoned as it isn't profitable. You can  still support the authors with their other webcomic on Patreon!

- Sequential art

:iconjollyjack: has a long running fantasy webcomic but sprinkled with real artist struggles. It's furry, and funny! Once again, you can support it indirectly on Patreon.

- Slimy thief

:iconsidneymt:'s comic might be fetish-fueled, it's also a good read! He has not one but two Patreon, for Slimy thief and his other comics.

- Gamercat

Because it's hilarious and adorable, when I need to take a pause from smut. :iconcelesse: is also on Patreon.

- Non non

I'm a shy but short-tempered introvert who keeps picturing inappropriate things, so this one hit me hard. :iconkarladiazc: also makes a cute comic with anthropomorphic sins called what else, Cute sins.

I also follow Subnormality and Brainchild, but while excellent they're more infrequent than all these above. I stopped following Penny arcade because well... it sucks now. I'm waiting for your suggestions!

EDIT: Lol, I forgot Megatokyo, but it goes on hiatuses (hiati?) so long I forget it exists!
  • Listening to: Big time dicks
  • Reading: Sequential art
  • Watching: The late show
  • Playing: Adventure & puzzle
  • Eating: Curry
  • Drinking: Water
My gallery has become crowded with many stories and subfolders, so here's a comprehensive list of links. Eris Manor is a mysterious shrine of Chaos, outside of space and time. Few have entered it, even fewer have escaped it, but all got lured in by their own greed, and unspoken desires. even the Lord, despite his imposing presence, has his own agenda and is not what he seems to be... Eris Manor is my personal project since July 2015 on Deviantart, Tumblr and Patreon:

Super(size) model

My first upload on Deviantart, and the first test comic to showcase my Patreon. A vain wannabe model tries to take a shortcut to fame. Needless to say, she gets more than she asked for:

Part 1 Part 2

Themes: lip expansion, breast expansion, weight gain

Anime chara ni naritai!

The secont test comic, posted in July 2015. "I want to become a cartoon character" in proper english. A true geek girl feels that she didn't get the physique she deserves. She learns the hard way that current media completely distort our perception of the perfect body:

Part 1 Epilogue

The full epilogue is available to 8$ backers!

Themes: breast expansion, weight loss and petrification (plastification?)

Instant delivery douchebag cure

The first comic supported by backers, and by far the favorite. How come people with powers are never negatively affected by them? A truly despicable guest quickly find out that this trope doesn't apply to Eris Manor... and gets a taste of his own medicine:

Part 1 Part 2

Themes: breast expansion, genderbender, bimboification

Lil' steal

My pet project, and the longest comic yet. Nothing is free... so what you can't afford, steal! Lily tries to even the score with her boyfriend, and finds her true self instead:

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Epilogue

The epilogue is available to 8$ backers!

Themes: FMG, asset stealing, shrinking, role reversal

Chief/ bride/ maid

Playing ping-pong with chaos magic is always a bad idea. That is, except for readers:

Part 1 Epilogue

The epilogue is available to 8$ backers!

Themes: genderbender, breast expansion, mind transformation, role reversal

Nature's makeover

An aging movie star is seeking a second chance. A Patreon exclusive:

Part 1

Themes: Extreme modification, breast expansion, amputee

One man's poison is another's cure

A fan goes to extreme lengths to fulfill his fantasy... the result might surprise you!

Part 1

Themes: trapification(?), twist ending

Chaos sisters

Chronologically the first comic in the series. Two students hope to use a shortcut to popularity. They... kinda do?

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Themes: beautification, twinning, race change, mind transformation, fusion

Booty heist

When thieves try to use a blessing to their advantage, it becomes a curse. A Patreon & TGcomics exclusive:

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Themes: inflation, genderbender, FMG, preggo, self control

Bimbo hair curse

Another community favourite, somehow unrelated to Eris Manor. One of the greatest untold dangers is Chaos bubbles, which can rewrite your whole existence based on the slightest trigger. A promising student finds out the hard way when trying a gorgeous hairstyle:

Part 1 Part 2

Themes: breast expansion, mind transformation, bimboification

Commissions & trades

In addition to regular comics, I do sequence commissions, and trades with digital artists. Because I love NOTHING more than getting my OCs drawn!

Commissions Trades

Themes: everything!

Patreon rewards:

The story so far by Erismanor

I post most of my creations on Deviantart, but Eris Manor is entirely supported by Patreon with exclusive bonus pages and pinup renders for backers, so please consider becoming a patron!
  • Listening to: Big time dicks
  • Reading: Sequential art
  • Watching: The late show
  • Playing: Adventure & puzzle
  • Eating: Curry
  • Drinking: Water
Environments in an Iray render can feel secondary, but they can actually do wonders provided you pick them right. This render only has a bus prop and a HDR environment, no lights:

Bus1 by Erismanor

The environment can also serve as a 360° backdrop if you toggle "draw dome" in its properties. It can also simulate interior environments, or provide exterior lighting provided you use the right map. The best thing is, there are tons of free maps (you only need to search <insert mood here> HDR map), and a 360° panorama picture can also serve as an environment (the file type can be any picture, it's not limited to .hdr).
  • Listening to: Pop culture happy hour
  • Reading: Gamer cat
  • Watching: Miraculous
  • Playing: Uncharted 4
  • Eating: Curry
  • Drinking: Water

Which one do you prefer? 

56 deviants said The witness
50 deviants said The talos principle


'snot me birthday! I hate putting personal information on the net, so all my avatars are born on April 1st. Guess it's still Shelby's birthday then.
:iconalexandropara: makes some damn fine art, and you can support him on Patreon!
How to fix a laptop that keeps freezing:

- uninstall as much stuff as possible
- uninstall stuff supposedly IMPOSSIBLE to uninstall
- tweak everything
- hit it
- reinstall Windows
- repeat steps 1-4
- sit in a corner and cry
- begin checking prices on internet
- try to open it in a last act of defiance
- destroy the plastic around this &%$* torx pin screw
- unplug the memory, SSD, and clean the connectors with alcohol
- make a prayer
- enjoy the best performance ever thanks to all the previous tweaks

Gumball - The Internet Effect by kuropop Finn in the Glasses of Nerdicon by sophiemaiMabel Victory Icon
You can see my latest sequence on :icondocotto:'s gallery


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