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Everyone knows Rogue got her powers by STEALING Ms Marvel's ones! This is unacceptable! UNACCEPTABLE!!! Just kidding, fantastic as usua...

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Eris Manor, a place where your innermost desires come true... but is it a blessing or a curse?

My comics feature adult content and various fetishes. If you enjoyed them, please support me on Patreon! I accept commissions.

Comic table of contents:…


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Many of you expressed an interest in doing renders, so I thought I'd do a little tutorial on basics. Like many, I use Daz Studio, which is free but every other prop is behind a paywall. The good news is, the render engine is also free, and you can still tinker with the default figures and free props you can get here and there.

Note that I won't touch scene and lighting setup here. There are better tutorials for these, and I want to address setting that many users seem to overlook.

0- Basic setup

For some reason, the default settings don't allow GPU use for the interface. Go to edit/preferences and set "Display Optimization" to Best. I also set Hardware Anti-Aliasing to Off but it's a matter of preferences.

In the Render Settings tab/Advanced, check if all the devices are checked. You never know.

In Render Settings, turn "Spectral Rendering" on. I won't go into details but it improves renders, at the cost of rendering time.

If you DON'T want Daz to use all your CPU so you can still browse the internet, open the task manager, and in the Details tab, right click the Daz process and click "affinity". You can then choose how many cores Daz will use on your CPU.

1- Prepare the scene

To make realistic renders, you need surfaces that reflect light. Hit Ctrl+a, then select all the surfaces in the surfaces tab editor. with these selected, double click the Iray Uber Base shader in the Presets tab Shaders:

Sur1 by Erismanor    Sur2 by Erismanor

2- Crank up the camera angle

Not really a render setting, but the default camera's perspective is kinda weak. I like to make things more dramatic with a wider angle! You can either select the camera and tweak the focal length in the parameters, or simply right click/hold the zoom icon in the working view. Here's the test scene with a single pointlight and the default camera, and then a stronger perspective:

Tut0 by ErismanorTut1 by Erismanor

3- Add area lights with... point lights?

Yes, point lights can be used as area lights, no need to make emissive surfaces! In the pointlight's parameters, select the desired shape in Light/Light geometry. They are self-explanatory, except for the Rectangle and Disc ones which effectively turn it into a 180° spotlight along -X axis (and +X if "Two Sided" is checked). The scene gets softer shadows with a 20cm wide sphere:

Tut1 by ErismanorTut2 by Erismanor

4- Tone mapping

The Render Settings/Tone Mapping allow the camera to be set up as a real life camera. the default Film ISO (100) is meant for VERY bright scenes, 400 (for interiors), or 200 (for studio setups) are much more relevant for usual scenes. Here after adjusting the lighting, the difference is subtle but it usually helps to set it up right from the start:

Tut2 by ErismanorTut3 by Erismanor

5- After effects

In Render Settings/Filtering, you can add some post-render improvements. Bloom adds a glow around bright surfaces: the lower the "Threshold", the more of the picture will glow, while "Radius" and "Scale" determine the size and opacity of the effect. Bloom is dependent of Film ISO, so if you have to set the Threshold very high, your Film ISO is probably too low. I also lower Pixel Filter Radius to 0.5, to avoid blurring the picture. If you are rendering in a new window, you can click the left border of this window to bring up the Filtering setting, and tweak them without resetting the render:

Tut3 by ErismanorTut4 by Erismanor    Tut7 by Erismanor

6- Image editing

Just like a real picture, a render needs some editing to look professional. I mention it here because it means making a darker and less contrasted render than needed, so that it won't saturate, and be easier to edit. I personally use the Viveza tool in the Nik collection, which is free. If you can't/don't want to use Photoshop, it's possible to use it with with some tweaks. In addition to usual contrast/saturation/brightness adjusting, I always do a level correction, then weak sharpening:

Tut4 by ErismanorTut5 by Erismanor

Feel free to suggest your own tweaks! If this was of any help, or if you just enjoy my stories, please consider supporting me on Patreon!
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I can now generate models from pictures (courtesy of Facegen), so I decided to open special commissions with YOU as the victim! Of course, there will be some limitations:

- I won't use pictures not meant for this. That includes stolen pictures or celebrities.

- The result will be private, because you'll retain your image rights. Of course, I'll appreciate if you decide to upload it in your own gallery!

- The rate is 75$ for 5 panels, because it involves more work and licenses compared to regular commissions.

Drop me a note if you're interested, you can see some examples here.
  • Listening to: Big time dicks
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  • Watching: The late show
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It honestly feels much, much longer than that since the previous artist spotlight. But who knows, maybe things will get better in the next months as fast as they went bad last year. But enough about this awful reality, time to talk about awesome and unique artists:

Once again, let's begin with


(Disclaimer, I colored many of these myself) This year brought you pieces from :iconcommoddity: who answers the question "What animals would the Manor staff be?", a sequel by :iconyvem: with a pose that will be familiar to Zootopia fans, :iconcluedog:'s take on my take on Poison, :iconeldarjusted:, :icongao-lukchup: who nailed a complex request, :iconashgallalla: who drew a long overdue commission based on the first Eris Manor comic, thiccness king :iconlvlapple: from Patreon exclusive Booty heist part 3, many and even more to come sketches from booty god :iconcarmessi:, more magic booty by :iconsidneymt:, a nice stream sketch from :iconimmortaltom: that he kindly lined, and finally some closure for Bimbo hair curse thanks to the too rare :iconoppaiman: and :iconblueirere:. Pieces from :iconvitalis-art:, Waterproofpigeon and :iconjebriodo: are sadly too smutty to display here!

What animals would the Manor staff be? by Erismanor It's always sunny in Zootopia by Erismanor One man's poison by Erismanor Gamerr Girl by EldarjustED by Erismanor Bizarrola by Gao Lukchup by Erismanor Super(size) model by Ashgallalla by Erismanor Truly blessed, by Lvlapple by ErismanorDouble cursed by Carmessi (coloring test) by Erismanor Bellarosa By Carmessi by Erismanor Zatanna cosplay by Carmessi by Erismanor Bellarosa's (trying to) cosplay as the White queen by Erismanor Magic muscle by Erismanor You just got twerked! by Sidneymt by ErismanorDo not abuse the power of the plumpstick by Erismanor Bimbo hair curse, by Oppaiman by Erismanor A typical subway ride By Blueirere by Erismanor


I keep doing art trades, and :iconsampleguy: was kind enough to throw in another piece from our previous one, and even his own take on my render The Upside-down Kiss by sampleguy!

2 busty 2 sling by Sampleguy by Erismanor

:iconlefthand-black: drew the fantasy secretary while I made a render of his scary OC Cream:

 Trade:  erismanor by LeftHand-Black Cream's beauty secret [AT] by Erismanor

:iconartbrojohn: helped me bring one of my characters to Overwatch (again), and I was more than happy to make a fake poster for his ongoing webcomic, in addition to a lewd side story:

D.Va Lil by ArtbroJohn The movie too awesome to exist by Erismanor

Finally, :icondiggerman: and I traded sequences, but sadly both sides are too lewd to display here!


Not really a trade, but :iconboobsgames: took my request to draw Pr. Lizbeth, and I happily answered with Lingering desires. I also got a sweet sketch from Taboolicious (The character is from the cartoon Wakfu). Let's close this post with the always awesome art of :icongrumpy-tg: who took my very silly idea, and made a very funny comic off it!

Bimbo Scientist by boobsgames Can't wait for season 3 by ErismanorAt The Farm Stand - TG Transformation by Grumpy-TG

All of these and more are visible in my gallery folder, trades and comms faves. Be sure to also check my Tumblr for more! That's all for now, see you next year! If the world hasn't burned yet, that is.

Previous spotlight
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Next Daz tutorial? 

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21 deviants said I don't care about tutorials
9 deviants said stereoscopic pictures


Anyone knows what happened to :icontheschatte:?
I watched this before going to sleep. I didn't sleep.
There's a fan-made Gravity falls VN coming. Even if it will probably be hit a DMCA takedown soon, prepare for the next flood of fanarts:
Bqknbltxjtri1nohakfb by Erismanor
In case you lamented the lack of story in Dollz


Happy birthday ya lovable 3D Queen! :flirty:
Sat Apr 1, 2017, 10:42 AM


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My rate is $100.00 and I e-mail the page at 300 dpi and I don't mail out the original pages. Due to cost
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